"Repositories of Agriculture" is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal that aims to publish high-quality research related to agriculture, including but not limited to genetics and plant breeding, biotechnology, crop physiology and protection, soil science, agricultural economics, and sustainable agriculture practices. The journal welcomes original research articles, reviews, mini-reviews, short communications, and case studies, with a particular emphasis on multidisciplinary research and interdisciplinary approaches.

The primary aim of the journal is to provide a platform for scientists, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to share their research and knowledge on agriculture-related topics, contributing to the advancement of agricultural practices, policies, and technologies globally. The journal also aims to promote sustainable agricultural practices and facilitate collaboration among stakeholders involved in the agriculture sector, including farmers, researchers, and policymakers.

"Repositories of Agriculture" also aims to promote open access to scientific knowledge and facilitate the dissemination of research findings to a broader audience, which includes policymakers, practitioners, researchers, and the general public. The journal will follow rigorous peer-review procedures to ensure that published articles meet high standards of scientific quality and ethical standards.

The following are some of the key areas of interest of "Repositories of Agriculture":

  1. Agricultural biotechnology
  2. Crop science
  3. Plant breeding and genetics
  4. Soil science and management
  5. Agricultural economics
  6. Sustainable agriculture practices
  7. Agricultural policies and regulations
  8. Precision agriculture
  9. Agricultural engineering
  10. Food science and technology
  11. Agronomy
  • Horticulture
  1. Livestock science and management
  • Aquaculture and fisheries
  1. Agricultural extension and education
  2. Agricultural statistics and data analysis
  3. Agricultural marketing and trade
  • Agricultural entrepreneurship
  1. Agroforestry
  2. Integrated pest management
  • Climate change and agriculture
  1. Water management in agriculture
  2. Agricultural bioremediation
  3. Agroecology
  4. Rural development
  5. Farming systems and practices
  6. Agricultural systems modeling
  7. Land use and agricultural sustainability
  8. Agricultural finance and investment
  9. Agricultural policy analysis
  10. Agricultural innovation and technology
  11. Agricultural productivity and efficiency
  12. Food safety and quality control
  13. Agricultural waste management
  14. Animal welfare in agriculture
  15. Agricultural tourism
  16. Agricultural history and heritage
  17. Agriculture and human nutrition
  18. Agricultural entrepreneurship
  19. Agricultural education and training
  • Agricultural governance and institutions
  1. Agricultural risk management
  2. Agricultural insurance
  3. Agricultural biodiversity
  4. Agricultural water management
  5. Gender and agriculture
  6. Agricultural labor and employment
  7. Agricultural cooperatives and associations
  8. Agricultural inputs and outputs
  9. Agricultural subsidies and support programs
  10. Urban agriculture
  11. Agricultural diversification
  12. Agricultural mechanization
  13. Agricultural resilience
  14. Agricultural entrepreneurship and innovation
  15. Agricultural marketing and supply chain management
  16. Agricultural finance and investment
  17. Agricultural value chains
  18. Agricultural supply chain logistics
  19. Agricultural business management
  20. Agricultural sustainability
  21. Agricultural education and outreach
  22. Agricultural trade and global markets
  23. Agricultural supply and demand
  24. Agricultural policy and regulation
  25. Agricultural technology and innovation
  26. Agricultural production systems
  27. Agricultural labor markets
  28. Agricultural cooperatives
  29. Agricultural resource management
  30. Agricultural biotechnology regulations
  31. Agricultural finance and risk management
  32. Agricultural land tenure and property rights
  33. Agricultural productivity and efficiency
  34. Plant breeding
  35. Plant genetics
  36. Plant genomics
  37. Plant nutrition
  38. Plant physiology
  39. Plant protection
  • Plant virology
  1. Precision agriculture
  2. Rural development
  3. Seed technology
  4. Soil conservation
  5. Soil fertility
  6. Soil microbiology
  7. Soil physics
  8. Soil quality
  9. Soil science
  10. Soil-water conservation
  11. Sustainable agriculture
  12. Sustainable development
  13. Sustainable forestry
  14. Sustainable horticulture
  15. Sustainable land use
  16. Sustainable livestock production
  17. Sustainable natural resources management
  18. Sustainable rural development
  19. Sustainable soil management
  20. Sustainable urban agriculture
  21. Traceability
  22. Transgenic crops
  23. Urban agriculture
  24. Veterinary science
  25. Weed control
  26. Wetland conservation
  27. Wildlife conservation
  28. Agricultural biodiversity
  29. Agricultural economics
  30. Agricultural education
  31. Agricultural engineering
  32. Agricultural extension
  33. Agricultural innovation
  34. Agricultural marketing
  35. Agricultural policies
  36. Agricultural production
  37. Agricultural research
  38. Agricultural statistics
  39. Agroecology
  40. Agroforestry
  41. Agro-industry
  42. Agro-technology
  43. Animal breeding
  44. Animal genetics
  45. Animal health
  46. Animal husbandry
  47. Animal nutrition
  48. Animal physiology
  49. Animal production
  50. Animal science
  51. Aquaculture
  52. Bioenergy
  53. Biofuels
  54. Bioinformatics
  55. Biomass
  56. Biotechnology
  57. Carbon sequestration
  58. Climate change
  59. Crop management
  60. Dairy science
  61. Ecological agriculture
  62. Agricultural land management
  63. Food security and sustainability
  64. Crop diseases and pests
  65. Soil fertility and management
  66. Plant biotechnology
  67. Agricultural machinery and equipment
  68. Precision agriculture
  69. Agricultural economics
  70. Rural development
  71. Agroforestry
  72. Agroecology
  73. Agricultural finance and marketing
  74. Agricultural policy and governance
  75. Agricultural extension services
  76. Agricultural education and training
  77. Agricultural labor and migration
  78. Agricultural waste management
  79. Animal welfare and ethics
  80. Livestock management
  81. Animal breeding and genetics
  82. Aquaculture and fisheries
  83. Beekeeping and pollination
  84. Horticulture and floriculture
  85. Agrotourism and rural tourism
  86. Agricultural tourism and hospitality
  87. Agricultural cooperatives
  88. Agricultural entrepreneurship
  89. Sustainable agriculture practices
  90. Agribusiness management
  91. Agricultural insurance and risk management
  92. Agricultural water management
  93. Agricultural information systems
  94. Climate change and agriculture
  95. Agricultural modeling and simulation
  96. Agricultural biotechnology
  97. Agricultural innovation and technology transfer
  98. Agricultural supply chain management
  99. Agricultural knowledge and innovation systems
  100. Agricultural data management
  101. Precision livestock farming
  102. Integrated pest management
  103. Organic farming
  104. Agro-processing and value addition
  105. Post-harvest management
  106. Agricultural safety and health
  107. Agricultural communication and journalism
  108. Agricultural tourism and education
  109. Agriculture and biodiversity
  110. Agriculture and gender
  111. Agro-ecosystem services
  112. Agricultural heritage and conservation
  113. Rural-urban linkages
  114. Agricultural cooperatives and social capital
  115. Agro-industrial parks
  116. Agricultural biotechnology and biosafety
  117. Agricultural ecology
  118. Agricultural ethics
  119. Agricultural water pollution and remediation
  120. Agriculture and nutrition
  121. Agricultural energy and greenhouse gas emissions
  122. Agricultural sustainability assessment
  123. Sustainable crop production
  124. Sustainable livestock production
  125. Sustainable aquaculture
  126. Sustainable forestry
  127. Sustainable rural development
  128. Agricultural climate adaptation
  129. Agricultural land use planning
  130. Agricultural resource management
  131. Agricultural disaster management
  132. Agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship
  133. Agro-processing technology and machinery
  134. Agricultural transportation and logistics
  135. Agricultural marketing and trade
  136. Agricultural and food ethics
  137. Agricultural and food law
  138. Agricultural and food policy
  139. Agricultural and food safety
  140. Agricultural and food security
  141. Agricultural and food sovereignty
  142. Agricultural and rural finance
  143. Agricultural and rural sociology
  144. Agricultural and rural statistics
  145. Agricultural and rural tourism
  146. Agricultural biodiversity conservation
  147. Agricultural biotechnology regulation
  148. Agricultural cooperatives and collective action
  149. Agricultural data analytics
  150. Agricultural education and outreach
  151. Agricultural engineering
  152. Agricultural entrepreneurship and innovation
  153. Agricultural extension and advisory services
  154. Agricultural finance and investment
  155. Agricultural food waste management
  156. Agricultural geography
  157. Agricultural health and safety
  158. Agricultural history and heritage
  159. Agricultural information management
  160. Agricultural inputs and outputs
  161. Agricultural intellectual property rights.

The "Repositories of Agriculture" journal aims to promote the dissemination of research and knowledge related to agriculture and its allied fields. It seeks to encourage sustainable practices in agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, and natural resources management. The journal welcomes submissions from researchers, scientists, practitioners, and professionals working in diverse areas of agriculture and allied disciplines.

The journal's scope encompasses a wide range of topics, including but not limited to plant breeding, crop management, soil science, animal production, agroforestry, agricultural economics, and rural development. The journal also invites contributions on cutting-edge research in emerging fields such as biotechnology, bioinformatics, and precision agriculture.

In addition to research articles, the journal welcomes reviews, case studies, and commentaries that provide insights and perspectives on various aspects of agriculture. The journal encourages interdisciplinary research that incorporates diverse fields such as ecology, genetics, microbiology, and environmental science.

The "Repositories of Agriculture" journal is committed to promoting open access publishing and adheres to international standards of ethical publishing. It is dedicated to providing a platform for sharing and dissemination of research and knowledge related to agriculture and its allied fields.

In summary, the "Repositories of Agriculture" journal seeks to advance the frontiers of knowledge in agriculture and allied fields and promote sustainable practices in the management of natural resources. The journal aims to foster collaborations among researchers, practitioners, and professionals in agriculture and allied fields and provide a forum for sharing and dissemination of research and knowledge in these areas.